Boosting beauty is what we do best. ICONIX offers a family of multi-benefit
skincare essentials that amplify at every step, creating a deeply impactful
experience for both skin and soul. At the heart of each product, numerous active
ingredients are packed into one single-suite delivery to meet all your natural
needs. It’s the smart ritual that makes your skin very, very happy.

ICONIX delivers cosmeceutical* innovations for two decades. Our series brings to life our
vision: To make people beautiful, with powerfully effective formulas that are based on clinical
testing and international patents. A multitude of unique benefits ignites a vitality that
emanates through multiple skin layers. We are your special experts for unveiling the
softest sublimity of your beauty, every day, always.

* Medically-based cosmetics



For us, the power of cosmeceuticals* is unlocked by creating just the right mix
of innovative ingredients. We specialize in synergistically fusing groundbreaking
active agents with time-honored emulsions. ICONIX brings decades
of dedicated research, to best combine a multitude of unique advantages in each
proven product that truly performs.

The smart secret of our skincare system is our multi-benefit methodology, targeting special essences that work together superbly to propagate your natural biochemical potential, deep within multiple skin layers. This is how ICONIX creates the smart skincare ritual that is your absolute beauty boosting experience.

Profound partnerships with international laboratories also drive the expert knowledge we hold. Through these established relationships, the world’s biotechnological leaders from Europe, the USA, and Japan ensure that numerous revolutionary formulas and patents are well blended within the ICONIX product series. In selecting and effectively combining the most perfected skincare solutions, ICONIX reactivates vital processes that give you definitive lasting results.

ICONIX Smart Ritual stands the test of time and complies with the highest regulatory requirements. To deliver a full response for any skin type and all your natural needs, a whole slew of ICONIX professionals are engaged in the entire circle of our activity:


ResearchResearch – Cosmeceutical physicians pinpoint effective formulas at the forefront of the field, and exact the most impactful combinations that burst with potent benefits.


Development Development – Cosmetic chemists formulate fundamental essences, harnessing the science and synergy of our super active skincare system.


Testing Testing – Beauty therapists expose ICONIX high active products, gauging efficacy that catalyzes visible results and coalesces the total texture and scent experience.


Monitoring and QualityMonitoring and Quality – Aesthetic specialists provide ongoing input on the success of ICONIX products in recalibrating skin surface and tone, enhancing radiance and firmness, and dynamically uplifting clear and luminous skin.


Delivery EnhancementDelivery Enhancement – Scientific teams continuously bring the best from international research companies, to enrich ICONIX with the latest and greatest in bioactive breakthroughs.

* Cosmeceuticals is the new medicine of beauty, combining cosmetology (the study of cosmetics) with pharmaceutics (medicine) to create highly potent products. These dynamic products effectively heighten cell activity, by maximizing and maintaining the functional interdependence of the entire skin system, to the fullest.

Your absolute beauty boosting experience



ICONIX multi-benefit cosmeceuticals are a powerhouse of active agents, carefully curated and accurately combined to deliver your ultimate smart skincare ritual.

To rejuvenate, care, and perfect your skin, ICONIX gives optimal results by attaching active agents in concentrated accuracies to a unique biomolecular film called Lipomoist™. This dynamic mechanism accelerates positive bonds between active agents, creating an enduring positive effect in the skin’s functionality and look, for an absolute beauty boosting experience.


Lab preparation


Lipomoist™ film is built of highly-absorbing adhesive particles, ready to carry and accelerate positive biochemical bonds.


Micronization condenses and flexes the film, for maximal penetration deep within the skin.


Binding and fusion charge the thin film, enhancing it with accurate combinations of potent active agents.

Skin impact


Lipomoist™ film coats the entire skin surface with a dynamically protective layer.


Active agents disperse in micro-molecular sync, and delicately infuse the epidermis with essential essences.


Multi-benefit power is ignited by triggering the active agents in delayed diffusion, for lasting visible impact.

Some examples from ICONIX Smart Ritual +100 active agents:

Antipollon HT

Brightens skin by rebalancing melanin levels (melanin-absorbing mineral) ×1


Relaxes facial muscle activity to prevent expression lines (active hexapeptide) ×1 ×2

BioPeptide CL

Accelerates collagen synthesis, reinforcing the epidermis and diminishing wrinkles (messenger peptide) ×1 ×2

Ceramides Booster

Replenishes skin’s natural lipids, and restructures its barrier (bio-molecular film, unique delivery system)


Creates an immediate optic effect for a gentle, even skin tone (light reflecting micro-spherical particles) ×1

ClariCleanse Complex

Maintains natural moisture levels and purifies skin (derived from oats, coconut, pro-vitamin B5)


Prevents wrinkles and heightens a bright complexion (active extract of olive tree leaves)


Enhances circulation to reduce dark circles under eyes (unique synergized peptide complex) ×1 ×2


Fills wrinkles and lines, while locking and retaining natural skin moisture with an intensive silky softener (silicone matrix)


Enhances skin’s natural moisture levels and boosts its elasticity (natural polymer)


Charges and transports active agents into the epidermis (bio-molecular film, with micronized particles) ×1


Mimics skin’s natural restoration processes, drastically reducing volume of existing wrinkles (permeating peptides) ×1 ×2

Metabiotics™ Resveratrol

Creates a facelift effect within 28 days, for solid fit and firm results (breakthrough anti-aging fusion) ×1 ×2

Moist 24™

Boosts and locks essential moisture (extract of a desert herb root) ×1 ×2


Regenerates skin texture and unifies tone with five natural botanical extracts (blueberries, sugarcane, maple, orange, and lemon) ×1


Accelerates and optimizes cell division, for lifting, soothing, and refining skin (transformative organic extract) ×1 ×2


Protects the skin from free radicals (extract of an Asian healing herb) ×1 ×2

×1 Tested in vivo     ×2 Patented


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