Privacy Policy 01/01/2018 – Website of ICONIX Laboratories Ltd.
(hereinafter: “ICONIX” and/or “ICONIX Laboratories” and/or “the Company”)
ICONIX respects your privacy and is pleased to set out the Company’s Privacy Policy, designed to provide you with complete, transparent and reliable information on how we will use the information provided by you while browsing the Company’s website.

ICONIX is aware of the trust placed in it regarding the protection of personal information provided by you while browsing the website, therefore you are provided with this Privacy Policy of the Company. You are requested to carefully review this Privacy Policy before using the website.

ICONIX would be pleased to answer any questions, clarification, comment or query regarding this Privacy Policy. You may contact the Company by sending an email to and a response will be given promptly.

If the ICONIX website and/or this Privacy Policy are worded in the masculine and/or female gender, this is done merely for convenience reasons. The reference is directed and intended of course to both genders.

Privacy Policy
1. This Privacy Policy covers all information provided by you while visiting the ICONIX website or websites or social networks such as Facebook, which are operated or which will in the future be operated by the Company and/or a third party. The Company will protect your privacy and shall comply with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: “Privacy Law”) and the provisions of any other law in this regard.

2. As part of ICONIX’s transparency policy, this Privacy Policy does not cover information given to websites operated by third parties that you enter by clicking on a link appearing on the Company’s website or websites or social networks operated by the Company and/or a third party. It is recommended to review the Privacy Policy and/or privacy statement of these websites before providing information on these websites.

3. ICONIX reserves the right to make changes to its Privacy Policy. Therefore, we recommend that you review this Privacy Policy from time to time.

4. The date of the last modification of the Privacy Policy appears at the top of this Privacy Policy.

5. By browsing the ICONIX website, you agree to the Privacy Policy provided on the website.

6. This Privacy Policy shall apply also to information provided by you at various points of sale operated by ICONIX and/or its representatives, such as fairs and/or conferences and/or exhibitions in which the Company takes part.

7. Before browsing the ICONIX website, whether via a computer and/or laptop and/or mobile phone or any other media, you are requested to review this Privacy Policy.

8. As part of ICONIX’s transparency policy, it is important to note that the Company retains also personal information provided by you via telephone and/or email. Therefore, this Privacy Policy applies also to the provision of information in this manner.

9. It is noted that this Privacy Policy applies also to information which the Company may receive from third parties with whom it has business relationships, and that ICONIX may use this information subject to the provisions of this Privacy Policy, including for various marketing purposes.

Sponsor Events
10. ICONIX may hold and/or sponsor competitions with prizes, raffles and/or any sale at its sole discretion (hereinafter: “Sponsored Events”). If the Company holds a Sponsored Event, it is possible that a separate Privacy Policy shall apply for each Sponsored Event. It is understood that when holding a Sponsored Event, the Company will publish a specific Privacy Policy for each Sponsored Event, and such Privacy Policy shall be binding if you take part in the Sponsored Event.

Personal Information
11. When browsing the ICONIX website, and in order to give you fast and efficient service, you may be asked to provide personal information about yourself (hereinafter: “Personal Information”), for purposes of registering on the website, sending questions to the site administrators, purchasing products through the website, sending marketing information, supplying the service requested by you, or for any other reason.

12. Obviously, providing the Personal Information is voluntary and you are not obliged to do so. However, if you do not provide the Personal Information, you may not be able to use some of the services offered on the website. Providing more Personal Information will enable ICONIX to improve the service provided to you.

13. Personal Information is any information pertaining to you individually, including: name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email address, credit card details and other information provided by you which identifies you personally. If you are required to open an account in order to purchase products on the ICONIX website, the password giving access to the account is also included in the definition of Personal Information.

14. You can choose to store the Personal Information on your account page on the ICONIX website, and at any time you can choose to delete this information from the website and provide it again upon making a future purchase on the website, or change it.

15. After providing the Personal Information, you will have a personal account on the ICONIX website and you will be asked to enter a user name and password.

16. It is important to note that if you choose to publish Personal Information or any other information about yourself in a public media such as Facebook, Twitter or any other media, such information shall cease to be Personal Information and shall become public information that is known to all. ICONIX will be able to use it as it wishes.

17. It is important to clarify that in circumstances where ICONIX will sell all and/or part of its activities to a third party, the Personal Information which you have provided to the Company shall be an integral part of the assets transferred to the party purchasing the Company’s activities, whether all and/or part of the activities are sold. The Company will publish notice of the sale on its website. You may choose not to agree to the transfer of your Personal Information to a third party, by sending an email to and response will be given promptly.

18. Protecting your privacy is important to ICONIX. It is therefore recommended that you keep your username and password in confidence and not disclose it to anyone.

19. It is recommended that following each use of the ICONIX website, you disconnect from your personal account to prevent the misuse of your account details by third parties.

20. If it is suspected that any of the website visitors is attempting or has abused your details, do not hesitate to immediately contact the person in charge of privacy protection on the ICONIX website, by sending an email to and a response will be given promptly.

21. ICONIX employs physical and electronic means at its disposal to protect the Personal Information provided by you in order to ensure the confidentiality of the purchases made on the website.

22. Securing the information provided by you is very important to ICONIX, therefore, please assist us in securing the information provided by you and do not provide such information to third parties.

23. It is important to emphasize that despite all of the efforts made by the Company to secure the information provided by you, it is possible that third parties may try to unlawfully steal this information or that the information that you provide will pass to third parties due to circumstances beyond the control of the Company. In such cases, ICONIX cannot assume responsibility for the information reaching third parties.

24. ICONIX will not be responsible for cases where information provided by you, whether by surfing via a computer and/or laptop or via mobile phone or any other media allowing access to the Company’s website or websites or social networks such as Facebook, operated by the Company and/or a third party, reaches third parties.

Communications Law
25. ICONIX may use the Personal Information that was provided on the Company’s website or on any social networking page operated by the Company and/or any of its representatives, for the following purposes: (a) connection to your personal account; (b) various marketing purposes, including email marketing, in accordance with the provisions of the Communications (Telecommunications and Broadcast) Law, 5768-2008 as detailed in this Privacy Policy below (hereinafter: “Communications Law”); (c) performing and completing the purchase of products on the website, or on pages operated by the Company and/or its representatives on social networks, including delivery of the products to your home and transferring the information to external delivery companies as well as transferring the information to be checked by the credit company, if you provided credit card details while surfing the website; (d) providing service prior to and after the purchase; (e) transferring the information to business partners of the Company; (f) conducting customer surveys; (g) disclosure thereof following receipt of a court order or in accordance with any law.

26. ICONIX may use the Personal Information stored on the Company servers and/or third party servers, for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. It is explicitly noted that third parties are prohibited from using your information, except for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.

27. ICONIX undertakes not to use the information provided by you and not to sell, rent or trade personal information collected about you on the Company’s website to any third parties, except in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

28. ICONIX reserves the right to collect unidentifiable information about you and to use only unidentifiable information about you for purposes of statistical analysis, including transferring this information to business partners, advertisers and other third parties, provided that the transfer of this information is made in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law.

29. When you sign up to the ICONIX website, you will be asked to select an appropriate disclaimer, whether you want to receive marketing and advertising material from the Company, by email, post and text messages, or any other marketing means, including through social networks.

30. ICONIX will send you marketing or advertising mail only if you tick the disclaimer box.

31. You can inform ICONIX at any time that you do not wish to continue to receive advertising and marketing mail from the Company, which undertakes to immediately remove you from its mailing list at no cost to you.

Social Networks
32. ICONIX may activate various pages on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and place a link to the Company website on social networks, in order to allow a wider range of customers to enjoy the Company’s products, to purchase these products, and to express their satisfaction and opinions of the products offered by the Company, as well as invite customers to join groups on social networks operated by the Company and/or its representatives.

33. ICONIX reserves the right to publish on pages operated by it and/or its representatives, details of customers who have joined these pages and to disclose these details to other users on the social networks.

34. ICONIX reserves the right to edit, at its full discretion, the information uploaded to the Company’s website and/or the social networks at its full discretion and you shall have no claim and/or demand with respect thereto.

35. ICONIX may use your information that is published on social networks for marketing and advertising purposes. If you do not want this information to be used, kindly contact the social networks administrator by mail to and a response will be given promptly. The Company recommends that you review the Privacy Policy of the various social networks.

Browsing Experience
36. ICONIX collects anonymous information about your browsing habits on the website, such as frequency of visits to the website, pages on the website which you browse, etc, through the use of cookies and their tracking of your personal computer, in order to enhance the services provided to you during your next visit to the website. Cookies are files that can be deleted or disabled easily and quickly.

37. ICONIX uses various technologies to collect information about you in addition to cookies. The information collected by the Company includes, inter alia: (a) IP address; (b) browser type; (c) browser language. This collection is intended to enhance the browsing experience on the Company’s website and to suit the browsing experience to your needs. For example, the Company may use your IP address for the following purposes: (a) statistical analysis; (b) monitoring your response to advertisements on the website; (c) improving the service.

Data Protection
38. ICONIX adopts standard precautionary measures in order to protect the confidentiality of the information provided to it by you to the extent possible, the transfer of credit card numbers is encoded. However, in cases beyond the control of the Company and/or due to force majeure, the Company shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever, direct and/or indirect, caused to you and/or anyone on your behalf, in circumstances where the information provided by you to the Company is lost and/or in circumstances where unauthorized use is made of this information.

39. You are requested not to disclose the password of your personal account on the ICONIX website to any third party and it is recommended to change the password frequently.

40. ICONIX invites every person over the age of 13 to browse the Company website. Unfortunately, we cannot sell products to minors under the age of 18.

41. ICONIX does not collect personal information of minors. Providing false information by minors during registration to the website is a criminal offense.

42. It is the responsibility of the parents of minors to ensure that their children are not purchasing on the ICONIX website without the supervision and consent of an adult.

43. If we learn that ICONIX has received information of a minor, such information will be immediately deleted upon becoming aware thereof.